Want to treat your health convos like having tea with a friend?

A friend who you can contact when you are going out to dinner and confused about the menu, or before you have a big wedding and need a pep talk?  

We might talk about food. We might talk about your job. We might talk about your relationships. We are talking about your LIFE and it’s allllllllll connected my friend.

Diets suuuuuck. Don’t you hate feeling like food is off-limits? Or that you can only have a certain amount of calories? Who has time for logging calories and points? No fun.

I want you cooking and eating for health and digestion not weight.

Figuring out your body and what it needs.

Understanding your cravings.

Eating FRESH. Eating COLOR. Eating FLAVOR.

Discovering new ingredients and unexpected recipes, but also how to get out of the kitchen and apply these things to the real world.

Ladies, I know you are busy and social and need to figure out how to make this work for you.

That's why I give you 3 options to choose from.

1. One-on-one

A training program that teaches you how to make lifestyle changes and new habits that you can stick to for better health, hormones and quality of life. If you are tired of dieting and excited for accountability, support and conversation – this is for you.

You choose

1-month intensive (4 sessions)
3-month program (6 sessions)
6-month program (12 sessions)

What you get

We'll start with a free call or meeting to review your health history and goals. Then, you'll get monthly sessions where we uncover the habits and thoughts in the way of a healthy relationship with food and your body. (via phone or in-person)

Personalized follow-up notes and goals to work on in between each of our sessions.

Program materials – easy-to-understand nutrition knowledge, life tips (like…how to handle a business trip), and recipes to help you incorporate sustainable changes.

24/7 support – my ladies have my personal commitment to their health and success. Email & text support gives you the support you need in between our sessions to make amazing decisions and celebrate your progress along the way. 

2. Group CoAching

Get all of the benefits of the one-on-one program, with your BFF(s), while saving some cash.

You choose

1-month intensive (4 sessions)
3-month program (6 sessions)
6-month program (12 sessions)

3. Detox Program

A digital guide. This DIY program gives you the info to clean up your daily diet and lifestyle for a weeklong detox. This is NOT a juice cleanse. I like food too much! You get my take on healthy, clean meals that look beautiful and taste delicious. Plus, bonus bevs and tools to amp that feel-good feelin’. This is a health ‘tease’ to see how your body feels on the good stuff before you jump into a full program. 

You want to change your life.

Amen Sister.

don't worry, Before we dive into this health journey together we will sit & chat so we can learn about each other!