Hey, girl

I had so much fun last spring with the Morning Detox Challenge that I decided to do it again...

This time - I'm literally giving you permission (and orders, quite frankly) to do something little for yourself EVERY DAY for 5 days.


DATES OF CHALLENGE -- Monday, September 19 - Friday September 23


You’ve heard this a million times, I KNOW, but guess what? You can absolutely NOT take good care of anyone else before you take good care of yourself. There is a reason airlines say that you must fix up your oxygen mask before you help your family.

 It’s legit.



Are you


·      Malnourished?

·      Overweight? (get this, yes you can be BOTH malnourished and overweight!)

·      Dealing with breakouts or digestive issues?

·      Low energy?

·      Noticing that your hormones are out of whack?

Then its time, my dear, to take care of you.


It’s hard to figure out where to start. How do you start climbing up a hill when there is a landslide falling on you? You need some structure and you need some support and that’s what I am here for. Once you play with some of these ideas and see what you CAN fit into your life – you’ll find the best solution for YOUR everyday and you will start to feel so much better. 


Sign up for The FREE "shit, I should take care of myself" Challenge and get the support and materials for 5 days of ...taking care of yourself. Each day we will focus on one thing so you can get really good at practicing it and then you can decide which of the 5 things you want to keep in your life forever.

Everything you need for this challenge will be posted to a private Facebook group where I'll be asking you to check in each day on your progress.

You can do this. 

And with a pricetag of ZERO dollars … yeah, you can afford it ;)

(I'm not going to sell you shakes or supplements either. HAHA, PROMISE.)

BONUS! You'll also have a chance to win a free spot in an upcoming clean eating program!