LIfestyle content

Coming from a 10-year marketing background, I love working with brands that align with my values. If you like what you see so far and find some synergy between us, let's talk. I'd love to know more about your goals to see if I can promote your product in a natural way within my content. Email me or check out my insta.


The good fest

I co-founded this all-day wellness festival with my partners Kate Van Horn and Jen Clark. We recognize that wellness is not one size fits all, and finding what works for you is key in becoming the best version of yourself. That’s why we set out to create a well-rounded experience, with informative and inspirational content, relatable speakers who understand (not preach!) a lifestyle, and an unbelievable sense of community. Our next event is August 11 in Philly. Want to get involved or join us? Check out more here

b+ynd events

Parent company of the GOOD Fest, we take you offline to make connections at our curated in-real-life events. We create workshops, dinners, retreats, customized corporate workshops and are available to speak on topics related to wellness, social media, event planning, and entrepreneurship. Check us out here.